We always try to ensure that all information, descriptions and prices displayed on this website are accurate, but errors may occur from time to time. Although we try to accurately represent the color of the item in our photo, the display of the item may be affected by the settings of the computer on which it is accessed.
If we have made an error in the price of an item on our website, we reserve the right to remove that item from sale at that price and list it at the correct price. If you placed an order at the wrong price, we will notify you of the error and give you the option to confirm your order at the correct price or cancel the order.
All products for sale are subject to availability and although your order will be delivered to us, products in our warehouse change very quickly and in rare cases the product you need may not be available even after your order has been confirmed. We will notify you by email if we have to cancel your order because of this and no payment will be taken.

Your personal information provided on this site will be used strictly for the purpose of carrying our delivery using your specified delivery method whilst shopping on our website. Also, to keep you updated about our latest promotions.

Orders will be processed within 1 to 2 business working days, after which a confirmation email, waybill or pickup code will be communicated.

We operate strictly no refund no warranty policy

Force majeure will apply in a situation beyond AEfashion Empire control.

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